Zone Heating & Cooling

Zone Heating & Cooling - Energy Saving & Individual Comfort

So why is zone heating such a great feature to have in your home? To answer that let me briefly explain what zone heating is. In doing so, I think it will answer the question.

Zone heating is just that; heating areas individually instead of globally. This house is set up with three zones. There’s an upstairs zone, and two downstairs zones. One downstairs zone is set up to heat the rooms with exterior walls to the West and North while the other downstairs zone heats the living room and kitchen areas.

If you’re upstairs and need heat, but no one is downstairs, then you can choose to only heat the upstairs, saving energy that would otherwise be wasted downstairs. The same thing goes in summer. You can choose to cool any one of the individual zones without enacting the other two. You could also choose to heat the upstairs while having a fire in the masonry heater downstairs. They’re all combinations to save energy and keep the house comfortable for its occupants.