Videos – Exterior & Utilities

Video - Exterior and Utilities

The Video to the left shows the view toward the east, beginning from the first story front deck, then panning from upstairs as you would be looking off the master bedroom covered deck. The video shows where the underground electrical junction box is that comes from the road to the house followed by the pump house location, (pretty darn obvious) and then the septic location. The RV parking area has a rock stairway that leads up to the front deck. There are no hook-ups in the parking area.

The driveway you see is 520 feet long from the garage to the road. There are several areas to build a shop or a grazing area for horses.

This video shows the back of the property using a slow pan. I panned this video fairly slowly due to the camera I was using so, although it may feel like you’re watching the grass grow, it gives you time to check out the vegetation and the extent of the property. At the end of the video, the highest point you see at the top of the ridge is not the end of the property. It still goes back a bit and then blends into BLM.

This video shows the utilities usage for a full year encompassing part of 2016 and 2017. The heat pump uses electricity through either driving the pump or, when on emergency heat, using an electric grid. The electric bill is a reflection of this usage. Of course there’s the lights, dishwasher and fridge but you’ll get an idea of each month’s usage, relative to the one before or after it.

We used the Masonry Heater, featured in the “Highlights” section of this website, and that curbed some of the potential electric usage through allowing the heat pump and electric grid to not be used as often. The utility usage is also a reflection of the Masonry Heater at work.

With the Strawbale Insulation giving 18 inch thick exterior walls, the double pane windows and the Masonry Heater, the house will hold about a 30 degree difference for extended periods of time where the heat can stay off.