Two On-Demand Water Heaters

On-Demand Water Heating

Instead of having a 50 gallon or 75 gallon water heater that takes up a large amount of space, wastes energy and creates a flood hazard, you have a on-demand system that uses no energy until hot water is needed.  The typical old style water heater wastes a lot of energy keeping it’s contents hot, ready for use.

This house uses on-demand water heaters that heat only the water you’re going to use. If you’re the type who likes those “hour-showers” then you’re in luck. With an on-demand water heating system, the water never runs out. The kitchen water heater has the variable temperature capability in which you can turn up the heat from 122F to 133F for running the dishwasher.

Of course these are made for energy conservation and feature the “only heat what you can use” principle but we’ve all had that time when we wish the shower could last just a bit longer. If you’ve never experienced that thought, then see our “Cutting Your Own Wood” page to get those burned out muscles after a day in the wilderness.