Strawbale Insulation

Strawbale Insulation - Used in the Arctic or Wherever it Gets Very Cold

So I Don't Get it; Straw Insulation?

Yes, it’s straw in bales. Strawbale insulation is tightly packed and 18″ thick. If you’re wondering what the R-Value of strawbale construction is, then it depends on a few things. The density of the straw, how long the straw itself is as well as the moisture content, how well the gaps are filled between bales and other things like how it’s stacked; on end or flat. Strawbale insulation has been studied and tested in some of the coldest places in the world. The R-Value of strawbale varies between studies but is mostly consistent.

The values fall between R-2.38 p/in parallel with the straw and R-3.05 perpendicular to the straw. So if you have an 18 in thick wall, that would compute to 2.38 x 18 = R-42.84 for walls (currently walls require R-19) and if it were R-3.05 that would be 3.05 x 18 = R-54.9. To read more on the R-Value of the strawbale construction, click on the link below.

R-Value in Strawbale Construction

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Breaking Down One of the Myths of Strawbale Construction

Don't Strawbale Houses Burn Quickly With All That Straw?

One of the myths about strawbale construction that you may have heard is that strawbale houses burn easily and quickly.  This is entirely incorrect.  It couldn’t be further from the truth and has been scientifically debunked through extensive testing.

If you’d like to see a strawbale wall being tested up against a furnace that’s roaring at 1700 degrees, for two hours, check out the video.  They test two walls; one with plaster and one with a dried mud.  The plaster & strawbale wall holds the flames back at extreme temperature earning a two hour fire rating.   The mud over strawbale earns a one hour rating.   The strawbale is compacted so tight, and is so dense that the fire can’t get started.  It’s comparable to burning a piece of paper versus a tightly packed phone book. Compare this to a conventional home with fiberglass insulation.  If you watch the video, you may come away wanting to own one of these wonderful homes.

A Few More Informative Links

For more info on strawbale construction, check out the other page on this website “What is Strawbale”. If you’re looking for more information than you’ll ever need on strawbale, as well as an expert, check out

If you’re interested in why you should own a strawbale house, here’s a short video giving 7 reasons you should. Click here for the video.

Using Green Building Practices, Strawbale Insulation is Both Practical & Economical

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