New Asphalt Driveway – Oct 2020

New Asphalt Driveway With Package Delivery Drop-Off Area & Fabricated Station

For 9 years we’ve used a gravel driveway and over the course of that time, we came up with a long list of problems that gravel imposes, to put in an asphalt driveway. The biggest problem is clearing the driveway of snow in the winter.  Gravel is not impossible to snow-blow but it’s certainly tougher to clear the snow from gravel than from a nice smooth asphalt driveway.

The other, almost bigger issue with a gravel driveway, is when it’s sloped, as ours was, and the delivery vehicles dig holes in your driveway by trying to come up it in the winter when their tires slip.  In the summer, they drive a little fast since they have to make maybe 80 to 100 deliveries per day, and they dig holes by plowing up the driveway. By putting in the asphalt driveway and adding the package drop-off pad at the bottom, along with the package station, we eliminated all our driveway problems.  With this new asphalt driveway I find myself wishing for snow just so I can throw the snow, and not the gravel, 75 feet.

Driveway Construction RV Pad
New Asphalt driveway approaching house
Asphalt Driveway with Y to RV area
Driveway landing at top of property
Lower part of driveway new asphalt

Package Delivery Drop-Off

The purpose for this lower area is to keep delivery vehicles from coming to the top of the driveway, scrubbing and wearing it down unnecessarily. A snow-proof, waterproof, mail drop-off station was fabricated to hold the packages so that you can pick them up, days later if you want, and they will remain dry and protected from the elements. There is an infra-red sensor that picks up heat and lets you know, by way of a chime, that a package is being dropped off.

asphalt driveway ups drop-off parking pad
Package delivery drop off station waterproof