High Speed Internet

Reliable High-Speed Internet - Wireless Radio Frequency Waves

Yellowknife Radio Wave Internet has turned out to be the greatest “find” for us, concerning internet providers, that we could possibly hope for. We had tried all the other satellite providers including both major cable companies, and none of them could even come close to the speed, cost and customer service we’ve experienced with Yellowknife. The other satellite providers were very limited on data; 10 Gigs was standard and you paid upwards of $100 p/mo if you wanted 30 Gigs. With Yellowknife, it works out to 0.50 cents per Gig compared to the $10 per Gig we were paying with satellite providers. To boot, the satellite providers, with their extremely slow speeds, couldn’t stream any videos or data, even if you wanted to.

yellowknife internet providerWith Yellowknife, we were able to not only stream across the internet, but cancel our cable TV provider and use Roku. So, Cable TV was $100 p/mo and satellite providers would be between $70-$150 p/mo depending on how many extra Gigs you had to buy to use the internet. (Remember $10 p/Gig can add up fast).

The total used to be between $170 to as high as $250 p/mo. Now, with Yellowknife and no cable bill, we get 150 Gigs/mo for $60 AND Roku @ $8 per month comes to $68 per month for TV and Internet vs. $170-$250 a month before Yellowknife. The biggest difference we’ve noticed, even if everything ended up costing the same, was the fact that the internet is so usable, so fast. No more frustration with satellite companies draining your bank account. Yellowknife has been the best service provider we’ve experienced in the six years we’ve been here.

There were two options for installation; above ground with a light conduit wrapped around the cable coming down the mountain, or, underground. My wife and I trenched from the top of the property down to the house using schedule 40 electrical conduit placed 6-10 inches underground. We covered the path with rocks and the radio wave dish is located at the top of the property. It’s a top notch installation that took us three days of digging and gluing pipe together. The cable inside the conduit is one size up from what’s needed and, it’s one continuous piece all the way to the WiFi router in the laundry room.

The WiFi router is our own router with higher security and better coverage within the house. We’ve placed WiFi boosters in two locations as well as a phone booster that works with Verizon and rides on the Internet radio waves. So you have clear phone calls and fast internet; what else do you need?

yellowknife radio wave internet provider