Central Vacuum System

A Central Vacuum System Can be Your Best Friend

I agree; but if the central vacuum is your best friend then maybe you need some friends or possibly a therapist. But then again, that’s not supposed to be taken literally. A central vacuum system has tubes running through the framing inside the walls of the house to a common location where the dust and dirt is collected. You don’t have to haul around a shop vac or some type of conical apparatus just to clear some dirt off the floor.

The central vacuum hook-up points are in six locations throughout the house. It makes keeping the house clean a lot easier. The canister in the utility room collects all the dust and dirt. We clean out the canister about twice a year taking about 20 minutes to clean it and put it back together. It’s a great system and tough to be without it.

This is not an ad so I’m not going to insert an attractive model with a smile on their face pushing the vacuum around. Just insert yourself and here’s a note; I myself having never found myself pushing the vacuum around with a smile on my face as if I’ve got nothing else I’d rather be doing. So insert yourself and leave off the smile and you got it.

central vacuum system
central vacuum tubing in framing
central vacuum
central vacuum drawn out
central vacuum connection in wall