Blue Star Professional Stove

48" Four Burner 24" Griddle LP Blue Star Professional Stove

Blue Star Professional Stove

The Blue Star Stove is a professional grade stove that is easy to maintain and inexpensive to fix. It’s built without digital controls to be more reliable. In the event that a igniter goes out, it can easily be changed out in an hour. It’s heavy construction ensures years of service. This stove however, won’t make you a cook. If you do know how to cook, it will make life easier and make your cooking more consistent. Someone out there is saying; “this must be written by a guy”. You’re right.

More Technical Info

Blue Star Stove Model# RNB484GL3K1016  (Installed July 6, 2012)

Igniter Part# Blue Star-703301, Electrolux-5303935067

Proline Exhaust Hood – Fan Variable Speed – Lights Variable Brightness

48" Dual Oven 4 Burner Blue Star Professional Stove

48 inch 4 burner Blue Star Oven
Blue Star Stove with Exhaust Hood