BLM - Bureau of Land Management

Just a quick explanation of what's around this house . . .

BLM land, or public land, is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and is owned by the Federal Government. In previous years the Federal Government would sell land for cheap and sometimes even allow homesteading but now, they rarely sell public land and when they do, it’s sold at fair market value.

No one can build on public land and it’s open to, well, the public! At this house, there’s public land behind the property as well as in front of it. The view of the rocky ridge at the front, and the privacy at the rear, will remain the same, untouched.

public land by state by percentage owned by federal government
public land density map

BLM Behind the Property

BLM in Front of the Property

Winter sunny day
public land to the front of house

Horses Allowed Too . . .

Horses allowed on property