Art Pieces & Features

Artistic Features – Well . . . Just Plain Art

Art is incredibly subjective. Let’s face it; one person can rave and gush over an art piece while the other wouldn’t decorate their dog house with it. So if art is truly a subjective thing (not too many would argue that point) then it follows that it’s value is also subjective. However, if you’re not a fan of Vincent Van Gogh, your subjective view of his art doesn’t make it any less valuable to someone else. Taking that in account then, although art is subjective, it’s not worthless; only worthless to some.

The Mosaic above the kitchen as well as the Steampunk Style Stove Hood, comes with the house. The Mosaic took about a year to complete and is made from tile, rock and glass, not to mention some unique, turn-of-the-century jewelry. The Mosaic was first put up as 19 individual panels cut from 3/4″ MDF, cut out and fit together. The panels were then fit to the area above the kitchen before all being taken down again, placed on a 24 foot table where the mosaic was applied to each panel.

All the edges of each panel are curved so that the parting lines aren’t visible. The panels are glued with construction adhesive and screwed to studs on the wall. After the panels were up, all the predetermined screw holes were filled with previously cut rock or glass to cover the holes. The result is a flawlessly mounted mosaic with no hints of screws or seams.

The Steampunk Hood is made from automotive, truck and motorcycle parts, copper piping, brass fittings and valves, old tools and steel tubing. There’s even an actual electrical meter from the 1980’s. The hood is bolted to the header supported by dual two inch truck axles shafts and a steel cable system to attaches to the overhead beams. The hood is fully functional as far as an exhaust hood goes, complete with lights and variable speed fan.

If you’re looking for a conversation piece and not just the same old thing, this kitchen might be it. You won’t find another one like it. That is . . . if you like it . . . subjectively speaking that is.

Art mosaic and steampunk range hood
Blue Star Stove with Exhaust Hood